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Worship with us every Sunday morning @ 10:30 am

                  - photo by Brian Gedcke

Melrose Worship Services

Melrose worship services blend contemporary and traditional elements, with a focus on thoughtful sermons and appealing music. Our Choir warms us up and provides wonderful punctuation to the liturgy and scripture readings.

Services are held in the magnificent sanctuary, surrounded by a colourful array of stained glass windows. (For more about our windows, you can download a booklet or take a tour through our photo galleries. Visit our instagram page to see colour photos paired with the booklet.

There are plenty of friendly faces to welcome you, so please join us and stay for refreshments and even a chat afterward.                                

Melrose This Week

Sunday February 16, 2020

On this Family Day weekend, we are delighted to report that four persons will be accepting membership in our congregation this day.  Three are coming by transfer from the closed Zion United Church – Geoffrey Harrison, George Mayhew and Heurtha Thompson; and one as a new member of the United Church – Janet Landeen, who is currently a member of our choir.

For the past two weeks I have split the sermon into two reflections, choosing interpretations of two scriptures rather than one.  I have again decided to follow that format with the Deuteronomy 30: 15-20 reading that states “I have set before you life and prosperity, death and adversity ….. choose life”  This represents God’s final words to Moses and focuses on choice and promise.

The second reflection is based on 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 where Paul is responding to quarrelling in the church –“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.”

Most often the seeds are planted and there is no evidence of germination in sight, but underneath the surface, growth is happening in God’s own good time.

We are dependant on this playing out in so much of our interactions – with our children as parents, teachers and from our pulpit.  We do not choose the time for the bursting forth, the Spirit releases the nutrients when the time is right.  We may well have moved on before something we kindled bursts into flame.

- Rev. Sonia Ireson