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Worship with us every Sunday morning @ 10:30 am

                  - photo by Brian Gedcke

Melrose Worship Services

Melrose worship services blend contemporary and traditional elements, with a focus on thoughtful sermons and appealing music. Our Choir warms us up and provides wonderful punctuation to the liturgy and scripture readings.

Services are held in the magnificent sanctuary, surrounded by a colourful array of stained glass windows. (For more about our windows, you can download a booklet or take a tour through our photo galleries. Visit our instagram page to see colour photos paired with the booklet.

There are plenty of friendly faces to welcome you, so please join us and stay for refreshments and even a chat afterward.                                

Melrose This Week

Sunday January 12, 2020

Today we celebrate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.  The heavens opened and a voice cried out, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

At this point, Jesus was already an adult and just about to begin his ministry.  Today, we are enacting the sacrament of Baptism with two children and a renewal of baptismal faith with another – DeCiantis and Campbell families.  This represents the beginning of a life long journey and relationship with God, not just a one-time event.  In baptism, the individual is welcomed into the community of faith and is also able to be part of the second sacrament of communion.

At the age of 13, the child is encouraged to further grow in their faith by taking part in Confirmation classes which teach about the Trinity, prayer, social justice issues, and the role of the church.  The learning is still not over; it continues into adulthood with a deepening relationship individually and in community with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

-Rev. Sonia Ireson

     Sunday, January 19, 2020 

This week we again read in our scripture about the baptism of Jesus from the perspective of the Gospel of John.  But then it continues to be a story of the first two called disciples – Andrew (who was a disciple of John) and his brother, Simon Peter.

This is the third in a series of ten Sundays that celebrates the fact that God is manifest (epiphany) in the human being, Jesus through incarnation.

It is suggested that the baby in the manger is not enough to encounter the divinity of Jesus, thus it continues with the magi who come from a far off land to worship him as king, followed by Jesus walking into the Jordan for baptism and the declaration that “this is my beloved son.”  Then we move to Jesus’ encounter with Andrew and Simon Peter as he asks “What are you looking for?” 

John is setting the stage for Jesus as present in God from the beginning.  The proof of his divine birth is recognized across the world; his baptism is sanctioned and he is named as God’s son; his ministry begins in the calling of his disciples.  The next seven Sundays will follow the same pattern of confirmation of his divine authority.

- Rev. Sonia Ireson