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Worship with us at home! Click on the link on the right or the image below to enjoy the video of our worship. You can also download the bulletin and Sunday School at home. 




Upcoming Earth Day Service

Hello Melrose United family,

In an effort to bring excitement and creativity to the Melrose United Church family during these unusual times we challenge you to participate in an “Melrose Environmental Photo Project”!

Given the mandate for social distancing we challenge you to take photos of the natural environment, either from your window, door stoop, or on a walk. Bring your attention to the natural environment around you and capture it on film to share with your Melrose family members. The goal is to engage Melrose members to take notice of the natural environment around us. The aim is to use these photos in upcoming Melrose virtual services and activities so that all our family can enjoy the beauty of this planet. Please note: do not include people within your photos. Furthermore, photos should be of the natural environment. That might include photos of urban, rural, wooded or developed areas.

These can be difficult times. Let come together to show our Melrose family the beauty of the natural environments around us! 

- The Melrose United Earth Day Team


Melrose Worship Services 

Melrose worship services blend contemporary and traditional elements, with a focus on thoughtful sermons and appealing music. Our Choir warms us up and provides wonderful punctuation to the liturgy and scripture readings.

Services are held in the magnificent sanctuary, surrounded by a colourful array of stained glass windows. (For more about our windows, you can download a booklet or take a tour through our photo galleries. Visit our instagram page to see colour photos paired with the booklet.

There are plenty of friendly faces to welcome you, so please join us and stay for refreshments and even a chat afterward.                                

Melrose This Week

To play our part in helping to contain COVID-19 and keep each other safe, we have suspended all Melrose United Church worship services and events until further notice.